What is the Best Treatment for Adult Acne?

Anyone who has walked down the aisles of any grocery store or drug store has seen a plethora of acne medications. Even sitting at home on our couches results in a bombardment of television advertisements geared towards acne medications. Most of these advertisements and products are geared towards teenagers and not adults. So, what is the best adult acne treatment, or is there one?


A doctor or dermatologist can perform acne surgery, which is essentially just using sterilized equipment to pop pimples or extract blackheads. Squeezing acne at home is not recommended because it can lead to more problems. Because the doctor’s instruments are sterilized, it helps prevent infections, scarring, and even acne spreading. This is really just a temporary treatment, and not a permanent one, as you cannot go to the doctor every day.


Other more popular options include medication. This type of treatment can come in over-the-counter or by prescription. People with mild acne may have success with over-the-counter drugs, which can be purchased without a prescription. People who are affected by severe acne should go to the doctor to get a prescription. If you have tried various forms of over-the-counter without any improvement, see a dermatologist.


Most of us are familiar with over-the-counter medications. These include Clearasil, Oxy-10, Neutrogena, and several other name brands. The primary ingredients in these are usually one of the following: Benzoyl Peroxide, Salicylic Acid, Sulfur, or Resorcinol.


Prescription medications can vary, and a doctor will help prescribe one that is right for you. These products can come in a variety of forms including creams, lotions, washes, or even pills. In fact, birth control pills have been shown to help with adult acne in women. Prescription medications commonly include a stronger form of Benzoyl Peroxide, acids, or antibiotics.


A popular form of adult acne treatment is Proactive Solution. These are the commercials often seen on television being endorsed by celebrities that can be ordered over the phone or internet. Proactive uses a three step process that starts with a renewing cleanser, followed by a revitalizing toner, and lastly a repairing lotion. Many people have had success with Proactive although it is frequently reported that your acne may get worse before it gets better.


No matter how severe your acne may be, chances are there is an adult acne treatment that will work for you. Over-the-counter medications may work, and if not a doctor prescribed treatment will help. Some people find success in combining both types of treatments. Meet with a dermatologist to find what is right for you.


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